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"I started over with week one last night. Today I am on video one of week two. I just had to stop and tell you that I am hearing it as if I am a whole different person. I have transformed. I am amazed and blown away.  I hear it like a newborn person on a clean slate without the garbage of the past as if body shame was something I only heard about and not experienced myself." -- Carol


An online video course for Jewish Women of embodiment and energy healing 

through a Jewish Lens.


​*Empower and activate the Divine within your body

*Connect the dots between Judaism and your Body ​

*Enjoy a sacred space to explore your body's wisdom while feeling held, seen, appreciated and loved

How does the course work? 

10 exclusive content videos that you can watch at your convenience.


Topics Covered Include:

*The holiness of the body

*Feeling free and alive in the body

*The keys to Spirituality + Embodiment

*Specific body part Divine activations of breasts, womb, and hips

*Ancient Jewish mystical teachings to support the body

*Empowered teachings around body positivity


This is a $797 value!

For a limited time, you can access this life-changing and uplifting course for a special discounted price of

only $360. 

you're worth it

​​​your body is worth it

​your pleasure is worth it

and your Jewish spirit is, too

xo, Rabbi Cherina

Please note: Purchases are final. There are no refunds. 

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