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Jewish Gems of Feminine Wisdom


Desire -- the fuel of all creation. The inhale of possibility and potentiality.


* Why the essence of Torah is Desire

* How to access your deepest desires and distinguish them from egotistical urges

* The sacredness of desire and its purpose in your life 


Celebration -- the exhale of gratitude. Requires releasing the judgment, self-doubt and fear keeping us stuck and small. 


* Why celebration is the key to happiness

* The cycle of holidays that support a woman's emotional wellbeing

* How to rid yourself from guilt around taking time for yourself


Sensuality -- using our senses as a guide. The beginning of embodied sacred practice. 


* Why we have senses and how to use them to connect our body + soul

* Uncover the power within your senses to awaken radiance in your life

* Create rituals that allow you to embrace your body as a sacred vessel 


Pleasure -- the present moment fully realized. Alive, activated and turned-on like a light bulb from within. 


* The holiness of pleasure

* How to practice pleasure as a way of life

* Where to find pleasure in what you least expect


The Queen's Palace -- embodying and honoring the Divine within us. 


* How to create a palace in your body

* Daily rituals to crown your sovereign self

* The secret wisdom of Shechina (a feminine emanation of the Divine) -- and how to access it in your body!


Shabbat -- appreciation, freedom, love, and expression at its height. 


* The power of letting go and being present

* Rituals to dissolve challenges in the week 

* Shabbat's ability to create new perspectives and refocus on your purpose


Rav b'echad -- understanding the many facets within the Oneness, how to light and maintain your unique Divine Spark in the world.  


* How duality plays out within our world

* Mystical teachings to see Oneness in diversity

* Inner peace and radiance practices 

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