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I'm Rabbi Cherina, your guide to a new adventure within Judaism -- to the heart of your brilliance and radiance


For years, I struggled to find a Judaism that answered the question: What can Judaism add to my life as a modern woman? 


I wondered if I could discover hidden, feminine Jewish gems of wisdom that could adorn my life with increased self-confidence and make me feel vibrantly alive. 

Over the next year, Hot Pink Torah emerged, combining transformative Jewish teachings with modern day wisdom to empower and inspire women to live extraordinary lives. 


Now, I teach these insights to Jewish women, allowing us to rise up together, leading our lives in the sacred spirit of sisterhood. 


Who is Rabbi Cherina? 

Ordained through ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg has a M.A. in Jewish Education from JTS and is an energy healer, musician and dancer. She teaches on topics of empowerment, Jewish spirituality, and personal transformation, including presenting at Harvard University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and synagogues and Jewish institutions nationally. For more information click here. 

"A night of self discovery through movement and prayer. Rabbi Cherina is in her element. Let her guide you to find the Queen within."

Lisa G. 

"Before working with Rabbi Cherina, I dreaded looking in the mirror. I did not love what I saw. After working with her, I can honestly say that I love myself and my body, and feel confident and beautiful. I am forever grateful that I listened to that intuitive voice inside of me that said "sign up". Best decision I've made all year!"


Zoe V. R. 

"Thank you for your workshop -- it was an experience of the merging of cognitive, sensual, and mystical moments which created an opportunity for personal reflection of how we can discover our own spiritual center. What a gift you gave; you have truly honored us." 

Toby A. 

Come join the Hot Pink Torah Sisterhood!

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