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The Revelation of you_ Divine Awakening

Using Jewish Gems of wisdom curated to bring out the best in you, you'll learn how to embrace your unique inner brilliance, connect with your Divine Spark and awaken the radiance of your body. 


"This was SO SO incredible, I realize I can't express in words how wonderful it was. Rabbi Cherina, you did something amazing -- so well thought out and elegantly perfect from beginning to end. I loved how you brought in the feminine into the Holy. Every single woman brought something special and I learned from everyone. Thank you, thank you, Rabbi Cherina! What you envisioned, desired, and manifested is true leadership."  - past participant



"I love learning from you so much. You are so energetic and powerful. You surprise me and amaze me everyday!" - past participant

I desire these experiences for you, too!


Come join us if you want to:

***Feel grounded in your femininity and inspired by ancient wisdom without the "shoulds


***Stop trying to fit in and discover how to attract what fits you, instead. 

***Experience a life of greater ease, joy, fulfillment and awe. 


***Reconnect with your intuition and learn how to trust it and follow it so you can create and express your authenticity


***Augment your spiritual life without leaving your body behind 

***Increase body-love and see your body as sacred and erotic

***Celebrate sisterhood & create a new normal of presence and joy



By the end of this course, you'll have a deeper connection to yourself and those you love, feel more aligned and on purpose. You'll know how to nourish your body with love and reverence and connect the spiritual + sensual through ancient wisdom. 


Here are the details:  

Begins March 15th-May 23rd

4 Jewish Gem video masterclasses

(topics include: sensuality, pleasure, etc.)

learn ancient wisdom that nourishes and inspires your authentic expression and joy

Divine Names and Your Erotic Body -- an online mini-retreat w to reclaim your spirituality + sensuality (date TBD)

Your Divine Body Luscious Activation -- a guided practice based on Psalms to create spaciousness for your Divine Spark to express itself through your body

Spiritual + Sensual Awakening – 6 simple daily rituals inspired by ancient wisdom for turning on each of your senses and amplifying your ability to express your Divine life-force energy masterfully throughout your day

Composting as a Spiritual Practice -- to let go of what no longer serves you and repurpose it into something that does

A 1-1 Welcome Call with Rabbi Cherina

2 Q & A Calls (TBD)

2 Practice Calls for integration (TBD)




Some of this content will be pre-recorded videos, some audios, some live experiences together so you can experience the material at your own pace. The teaching portion of live-experiences will be recorded so you can have access to it afterward. 

"Dear Rabbi Cherina,

Thank you for your compelling class today. It wasn’t really a class, but more an experience, made up of the merging of cognitive, sensual, mystical, and musical moments-and of course your presence and voice,  which lead to them all.  You created an opportunity for personal reflection, using yourself as an example of how we can discover our own spiritual center. The rhythm and mode of your sessions is very different from most of our offerings, blending movement, text, your inner journey and challenging us to do the same to create our own path. Your words were a gift, you have truly honored us." -- past participant

Now is the time to awaken your Divine Power and Pleasure!

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